Myrto Papadopoulos


For the Greeks one of the biggest pleasures is to go out, drink and spend a lot of money at the ''Bouzoukia''...

In general, the history of the bouzouki is actually intertwined with the rebetika songs, which is among the most distinctive Greek music sounds.

The culture of rebetika songs started blooming in the hashish venues and prisons of the port towns in Asia Minor and the Aegean Sea islands at the early years of the 20th century, and reached its peak later during and between the main World Wars.

These rebetika songs had lyrics about hookers and pimps, drugs, love, money, death and everything that could be associated with everyday life. The chords of the songs were based on a wide range of rhythms and ancient modes, and stood out due to the improvisation of their introductions known as taxims.

Today, the music and the clubs that play this music, are referred to as bouzoukia (deriving from the plural of the word bouzouki), after the primary instrument involved.

Bouzoukia are a main entertainment for the Greeks and especially from the 80's they have become a profitable business.

Athens 2010